Who Is Dave Fleet?

Dave FleetDave Fleet is Senior Vice President of Digital in Edelman‘s Toronto office, where he leads a 35-person digital team working across Edelman’s East Canada region. An award-winning communications professional with both public and private-sector experience, Dave is responsible for developing and implementing digital engagement strategies for some of the world’s best-known brands across consumer, corporate, technology, corporate and public affairs verticals.

From 2010 to 2013, Dave served in various leadership roles on Edelman’s largest global digital account, ultimately serving as the North American lead with a team of more than 50 dedicated staff and a client’s social media base of more than 30 million fans/followers. He provided social media, marketing and digital public relations services across various North American markets across consumer, B2B, developer and technology influencer audiences, played an integral role on the global leadership team for the account and oversaw the global social media team of 140 people for a high-profile global product launch.

Prior to joining Edelman, Dave launched and built the digital communications practice at a mid-sized agency. Before that, he spent five years working in the public sector in progressive strategic communications positions. In 2008, Dave was presented with the Amethyst Award, the highest award available to Ontario public service staff.

Dave is a well-known figure in the Canadian social media environment. He has appeared in tier-one media to discuss digital communications and speaks regularly at conferences across North America. He is an advisory board member for Dx3, Canada’s largest conference and trade show focused on digital marketing, advertising and retailing.

Dave graduated with a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Bath in England. In his free time, Dave enjoys running, reading and letting his imagination run riot in video games.

You can find out more about Dave’s professional background on LinkedIn, follow his ups and downs on Twitter, and see what he’s reading on Goodreads.

What’s This Site About?

DaveFleet.com is about communications, public relations, marketing and social media, and the areas where those topics intersect.

For reasons of integrity (and job security) I try to avoid topics directly related to my work as much as possible. If I write about clients, client work or direct competitors of my employer or clients, I will disclose that relationship.


I tend to write about communications strategy, but on the occasions that I have received review items, I will disclose this in any subsequent post.

In the past I had an agreement with Shutterstock to use images from their site.


While I work for Edelman, I am not writing on its behalf. These opinions are mine and mine alone, and do not reflect the views or policies of my employer.

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