Talk Is Cheap – Toronto PR Unconference

Gary Schlee, professor of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Centennial College, today announced Talk Is Cheap, "a social media unconference for corporate communications and public relations folks."Talk is Cheap

The conference takes place the evening of November 15 at The Centre for Creative Communications, a campus of Centennial College.

For more information, check out details of the conference on Gary’s blog, or sign up to attend (for free) or present at the conference wiki.

With just a few hours passed since the event was announced, the conference already has its first speaker – Joseph Thornley has signed-up to do a session on "Best practices in media relations."

I met and chatted with Gary at a seminar tonight. This should be a great event.

  • Great meeting you at the IABC/Toronto independent practitioners seminar last night, Dave. I appreciate the shout-out for Talk Is Cheap and am glad to see you’ve signed up. You’ll give some thought to possibly presenting a session?

  • help me find a School,University and College.