Using Social Media To Create Social Media Training

Communications training courses on traditional strategies and tactics just don’t cut it any more. The ever-increasing rate of change on the Internet, and its emerging impact on media consumption, means organizations need to seriously consider offering social media training to their employees.

This environment, along with a few well-documented faux-pas by PR practitioners, has had me thinking about this topic a lot recently.

I got to thinking, "What should a social media 101 course offer?" I work with a lot of people who have no knowledge of social media. If I had one day to teach people a few key basics, what would they be?

Then I thought, "Why not use social media to create that program?" So, I’m trying something different here.

I’ve established the Social Media Training Wiki at and given it some basic structure.

I’m throwing out a challenge to the online PR community: As a community, let’s develop a best-practice social media 101 training program.

Let’s create a one-day, scratch-the-surface program that will help employees who are new to this social media thing to find their feet.

Let’s put it out there for the good of the community.

Let’s encourage people to adapt it and adopt it.

Let’s see if we can raise the bar for social media knowledge in our organizations.

Check out the wiki. Participate. Input. Discuss.

A wider understanding of social media benefits us all.

2 Responses toUsing Social Media To Create Social Media Training

  • Great idea Dave…I think the one thing that always ends up stumping me when I try and explain social media to anyone unfamiliar with it is the sheer number of applications out there. The vast majority want to know what are the basics/most used social networks; they get frustrated by the every day “new-new-thing” popping up. It’s a conflict between the early adopters who are driving things (and creating things!) with the majority who just want to know the basics. Laying it out this way is a good primer–good luck!

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