Dear Santa 2.0: My Social Media/PR Christmas List

Picture of SantaSanta Claus
North Pole, HOH OHO (sorry Aussies)

December 2, 2007

Dear Santa 2.0,

I’ve been good this year… I really have:

Holiday-PresentSo, I really think I’ve been good enough to get some presents this year.

Here’s my social media & PR Christmas list. There’s a lot here, but a few at least would be nice.

I would like:

  1. A widely-adopted code of ethics to stop the idiots pushing unethical tactics both online and offline
  2. Facebook to stop acting like a monopoly and treating its users like cattle. I’d really like it them to do it of their own accord, not because of negative reactions from their users
  3. An end to product recalls from kids’ toy manufacturers that really should know better
  4. Movement towards an accepted way to measure the effectiveness of social media (and PR, for that matter), so we’re not viewed as a bunch of cowboys by executives
  5. Something… anything… to help take ease the burden of staying on top of the multitude of social media tools out there. Flock is a nice start. Unfortunately, I can’t use it at work – something web-based would be lovely and a mobile tool would make me weep with joy
  6. The Social Media Training Wiki to get some traction and become a useful tool for the community
  7. A move away from the news release as a default PR tactic and towards a more thoughtful look at the approaches available
  8. The opportunity to help my new colleagues to understand social media… and the opportunity for them to embrace it
  9. Bloggers to respond to comments (or trackbacks) on their posts. If this is about conversation, it can’t end at post/response – it needs to continue. Plus, it builds goodwill with people who have bothered to write about your post
  10. People to stop thinking of blogging/podcasting/wikis/[insert social media tool here] as strategies. They’re tactics.

Thanks Santa!

8 Responses toDear Santa 2.0: My Social Media/PR Christmas List

  • Very cute, very nice, very creative. I hope this side of you continues to develop.

    Merry Christmas!

  • That’s funny! I asked Santa for numbers 1, 2, 3, and 9. Maybe he’ll make us both happy.

  • Hey, Dave.

    Progress in any of the areas you’ve identified would make 2008 a great year ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s interesting to see how your gift list contrasts with the holiday gift guide for PR pros we put together:

    Happy holidays!


  • Thnaks for the mention – I am going to send you a SM 101 piece we did a month or so ago.

    Tom O’B

  • Oh, and a Web 2.0 application that will bring about world peace.

    Okay, I couldn’t help myself. Thanks for the link. I will put out a PR code of conduct soon.

  • Hi Dave,

    Great post and a great wishlist! Of course, that the Santa 2.0 thing is a bit creepy. I mean, we all know he’s been a lurker for a really long time (he knows if you’ve been sleeping, for crying out loud). I’ve been OK with him just listening to what I want. Is he now going to join the conversation? When I make my Christmas List, is he going to comment back with why he thinks my wish is a bad idea; or perhaps try to persuade me to wish for something else. Since when does he get to talk back??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sam – thanks! This blog (and my writing) is still developing, but I think I’m getting there.

    Lisa – here’s hoping we both get our christmas wishes!

    Jill – thanks for checking in! I checked out your post – very handy. That one will get passed around for sure.

    Tom – thanks for the resource. Any objections to my mining that for content for the social media training wiki? Alternatively, feel free to add to it yourself if you like – we’d love to have you on there.

    Kami – looking forward to the PR code of conduct. Hope you enjoyed the Twittering of Third Tuesday tonight!

    Doug – I’m ok with Santa being a lurker, however creepy. As long as I get my pressies under the tree, he can creep me out as much as he likes ๐Ÿ™‚