A Day In My Social Media Life

A little while back I wrote about my social media life and my excitement (and despair) at the number of social media tools I use.

Excitement!At the time, I posted a rapid-fire description of a day in my life. I thought I’d take a moment to take a slightly more thorough look at how new media permeates all aspects of my life right now:




  • Head out for a 14km run. Listen to Jaffe Juice, FIR Cuts and The Economist’s Democracy In America podcasts
  • Get home around 9pm. Don’t upload the GPS data from my run to my online log (like this one) – it’s too damn cold outside so I ran indoors at the gym
  • Draft the write-up for tonight’s run for my running blog. While I’m at it, vow to avoid running indoors as much as possible
  • Look for images for my running blog post on Flickr
  • Log my run on BreakingTheTape.com, where I track my mileage
  • Start to write my PR blog post for tonight. Realize I can’t write the one I wanted to. Make a note in Google Notebook to put the presentation I need on my flash drive tomorrow. In passing, wish I could sync my blackberry notes and Google Notebook
  • Move to plan B for tonight’s blog posting (this one). Start to research it, using the Flock browser. Naturally, post to Twitter about my frustration
  • Realize it’s past midnight and I have another late night tomorrow. Simultaneously realize it’s going to be a long week
  • Publish.

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4 Responses toA Day In My Social Media Life

  • That’s it?


    I think you’re just waaaayy ahead of the curve. It would be a huge deal for me if only one or two of your daily online ritual involved some of these tools. If you were using only Google Reader and del.icio.us I think most of us in this space would be impressed.

    The biggest challenge is not in trying to figure out what people like you and I do with these tools, but rather how we explain them and engage the masses to adopt these tools.

    Imagine the “real life” connectivity (ala Six Pixels of Separation) that will occur then.

    I have to say, while reading your post, it got me thinking about how big of a deal these tools play in my daily routine.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Mitch,

    Thanks for your comment. I should be clear (I think I was in my earlier post) – I love this lifestyle, despite the challenges it brings.

    You’re right – explaining the tools to people in a non-threatening way is a big challenge, and is part of the reason I started up the social media training wiki. Even explaining Google Reader can be tough if you’re dealing with someone who isn’t as tech-savvy as you.

    Glad I got you thinking about how embedded these tools are in your routine – that was definitely an objective of this post.

  • Holy jumping…you’re leading an exceptionally busy social media life and active running life as we discussed.

    They say the average person makes more decisions in a day now than a caveman did in a lifetimne. If true, then you might be the equivalent of a clan of cavemen!

    Some great insights and discoveries on Fleet Street, i must read more. Cheers and good luck with your new post. look forward to continuing the conversation.

  • I think I’ve been described as a caveman more than once… now I see they meant it as a compliment… 🙂

    I haven’t forgotten my write-up of your presentation either, Sean – it’s on my ‘to-do’ list for tonight.