Utterz/Seesmic – What’s The Business Use?

Utterz and Seesmic are the hot new thing right now.

utterzWhile they’re both still in testing (Utterz is in beta and Seesmic is in alpha), a large number of social media types are using them regularly.

seesmicThese tools are very cool. Mobile looks to be the next big thing for the web, and these guys are leading the way. Naturally, people are excited.

I got to wondering:


I’m not knocking these tools.

Far from it.

I’m playing around with Utterz, and it’s cool. I do wonder, though: what’s the business application? Is there one?

I was surprised at the lack of response when I posted this question on Twitter. I usually get a good number of answers when I ask for input.

I got this (thanks Jay and Adele):


This raises a few questions in my mind:

  • Does the lack of responses mean people just haven’t figured out business uses for it yet, or are they afraid that they don’t exist and that this is just the next "shiny new object?"

And just as importantly:

  • Does there have to be a "business" use? Or can it be, as Jay says, more for personal use than for organizational channels?
  • Does a purely personal mobile blogging tool provide a big enough market to sustain a viable revenue model? Are enough people out there savvy enough to want to use this?

Maybe the business uses will emerge over time (as they are with Twitter). Maybe there’s value in being first to market with something like this.

What do you think?

I’m not sure at this point.

Maybe, like Twitter, Utterz and Seesmic will be useful tools for getting messages out quickly through multiple channels, but with the added richness that audio and video provide.

Maybe there are other, as yet undiscovered, uses.

Or maybe they’re just another set of tools for users to create their own content outside the business world.

For now, these are two more tools that I’ll use, keep tabs on, and watch for opportunities to implement.

2 Responses toUtterz/Seesmic – What’s The Business Use?

  • When talking about “business uses” for new communication tools like these, people too often take the discussion to the realm of marketing or PR or advertising. One of the best potential business uses for a tool like Utterz, for example, would be to improve communication between members of a project team or something similar.

    With wikis, for instance, many of the most compelling examples of successful business use come from internal, productivity-increasing efforts.

  • I can see a lot of use for Utterz in business to communicate on projects, with teams, and to maintain a group business blog without having everyone messing with the same, sometimes confusing, WP or Blogger interface.

    I also wish my company would consider something like this so a team could leave each other functional updates, examples/specs, and perhaps the higher ups could explain strategic decisions and communicate vision and I could enjoy it all from my cell on the way home from work, with my headset and my insanely long commute.