The Power of Twitter

Musing about the power of Twitter to enable companies to get quick feedback about their products or ideas.Mobile post sent by davefleet using Utterz. Replies. mp3

One Response toThe Power of Twitter

  • First, did you realize that by using Haloscan commenting you are leaving your blogspot commenting section vulnerable to comment spammers unless you’ve deactivated it?

    Ok, that being said… no one has even begun to consider the most mind-blowing uses for Twitter yet. They have nothing to do with what Twitter intended, although they wouldn’t violate any of Twitters TOS.

    But everyone has been thinking linearly…as in 1 business tweeting, 1 customer base replying.

    I’ve got some programmers working on something very big, drop by some time and I’ll let you know about it when the time is right.

    Best wishes,
    ps. oh yes, here’s some of my Twitter articles that should give you a hint (go back to the first few).