Twitter… In Plain English

TwitterEver struggled to explain Twitter to someone? Or, if you’re not using it, wonder why other people rave about it so much?

Twitter describes itself as a tool “for staying in touch and keeping up with friends no matter where you are or what you’re doing.”

That description is true, but not comprehensive or particularly helpful. For a more fulsome explanation, you can check out this guide to Twitter.

Here’s a fantastic new video that explains Twitter in plain language. This should help you understand and explain what all the buzz is about. Enjoy.

4 Responses toTwitter… In Plain English

  • I just posted to another blog about how great this is, how plain language it is. Well, it isn’t. It lost me 1/3 of the way into listening. The narrator speaks way too fast, presenting the concepts too quickly. I am a plain language specialist and have been working in the field for years. I’ve written video scripts in plain language, and I can tell you that a plain language video needs to be narrated at 75 to 100 words a minute to reach an audience that needs plain language content. Kristina

  • Yay! A new Common Craft video. And it’s about Twitter, wow.

    Love the Karla story line, going from “heard about Twitter and was skeptical” and “after some of her friends couldn’t stop talking about it,” sounds familiar LOL.

    Interesting that this vid doesn’t explicitly mention the one essential thing that Twitter is: the simplest social networking site ever.

  • Just found this blog from your Torontorunner blog. I’ve started “stalking” you on twitter and have shared your blog link with my pal from as I thought this was right up her alley.

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