How To Post To Multiple Utterz Accounts From One Phone

Utterz is an excellent service (currently in open beta testing) that lets you create multi-medias post in voice, video, picture and/or text, right from your mobile phone, or online.

UtterzLike Twitter, Utterz lets people subscribe to your posts. Unlike Twitter, however, people can reply via any media, regardless of what was in the original post. Very cool.

However, I’ve had a problem with Utterz recently.

Utterz asks you to associate your cellphone with your Utterz account, and it automatically recognizes your phone when you call. Each cellphone can only be associated with one account.

I have two Utterz accounts – one for PR and social media-related posts (see my sidebar), and one for running.

I found posting to the two accounts very frustrating – I had to juggle my cellphone number back and forth in my account settings. As a result, things got confused, posts went to the wrong account, and I pretty much reached the end of my tether.

So, I asked the folks at Utterz if there was a way to post to two accounts from one phone. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Edit the settings for your first Utterz profile and enter a number different to your cellphone number in the appropriate field (I used the number from another one of my phones, but you could use random numbers)
  • Make a note of the number you use
  • Enter a four-digit “Pin number” for the account
  • Repeat the previous three steps for your other account
  • When you dial-in to Utterz from your cellphone, it won’t immediately recognize your phone, and will prompt you to enter a phone number
    • Enter the number you associated with the account you want to post to
    • Enter your Pin number for that account
  • Go ahead and post your Utterz.

Apparently the folks at Utterz are working on something a little simpler. For now, this solution isn’t elegant… but it works.

4 Responses toHow To Post To Multiple Utterz Accounts From One Phone

  • this is great. Any idea how to do the same on Twitter? I haven’t moved to Utterz but have wanted to do the same over on Twitter.

  • Tamera – try using Twhirl – it lets you use multiple accounts.

  • This is a good tip – it’d be nice if utterz would put this tip on their FAQ, even if in the “less frequently asked” section.

    I’d also like them to add instructions on how to add multiple email addresses to the account. They told me once but I forgot (bad user, I know) but it’s not intuitive.

    I believe they told me to just email them from the other account and it will ask who I am (which it does) but I’ve tried several ways of replying with my identifying cell-phone number and it still asks who I am.

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