Are You A New Media Douchebag?

A moment of comic relief…

This video, in the style of Lee Lefever’s Common Craft videos, made me laugh. It’s a nervous laugh – I fall dangerously close to this definition of a “new media douchebag.” I fail on a few accounts though:

  1. I have a “real” job
  2. I don’t hate enough things
  3. I’m as likely to slam something as I am to like it

Still, this gives me something to aspire to ๐Ÿ™‚

(from the Cinnamon Pants blog)

11 Responses toAre You A New Media Douchebag?

  • Those three aren’t get out of douchebagdom free cards. We’ll debate the “real job” some other time.

  • Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing that. Let’s see…blog (only a personal one), Flickr (have an account but never got around to posting photos), Facebook (guilty), Wiki (at work), Podcast/vidcast (nope), Amazon wishlist (no – Findgift: yes), Twitter (guilty), Skype (haven’t used it in ages), RSS (guilty)…

  • LOL – wiht the exception of hating everything, I’m a new media douchebag – and proud of it!

    Visit me @

  • Ah Mr Jones — you heckle on blogs too, now? I’m honoured that you graced my site ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stop me now before this becomes me! Uh oh, it may be too late already….

  • Awesome!

    it’s funny cause it’s true!

  • OMG aside from not hating very much, and if you call being a Realtor a “real Job” then i’m one…. lol… even training others in my brokerage to BE THEM TOO bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa…

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