Experimenting With Mobile Video

Mobile video is growing in popularity. A few years ago we couldn’t imagine recording video from our phones; now, a growing number of services let regular people create videos at the touch of a button.

A little while back I got a new Blackberry Pearl so, for the first time, I had mobile video at my fingertips. My data plan doesn’t let me use services like Qik or Seesmic Mobile. However, I can still record them to my phone.

Driving back from a media event in Sudbury (about 400km north of Toronto) the other day, I stumbled upon a trail to Recollet Falls, within the French River provincial park. Ignoring the warning about sturdy footwear and the fact that I was wearing treadless work shoes, I followed the trail out to the falls. I didn’t see a single person for the entire 3km hike.

The “falls” didn’t really fall very far, but it felt so remote and peaceful, yet powerful, that I decided to whip out my Blackberry and record a couple of videos. Turns out, it’s a lot of fun!

I might get into this mobile video thing.

One Response toExperimenting With Mobile Video

  • I just got a Motorola Razr2 – I haven’t tried the video feature of it yet, though I have taken tons of pics – they’re not the best quality, but I did manage to get a shot of the duck that visits our backyard pool every day.

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