A Quick Thought On Online Privacy

tin-foil hat A quick thought, prompted by Colin McKay at last night’s Third Tuesday Toronto event (with Katie Paine, Marshall Sponder and Marcel Lebrun), on online privacy…

People who are part of the social media community know that when you put something online publicly, it gets indexed by search engines and is effectively ‘out there’ for people to see forever. By posting information online, we’re making a choice to make it available to other people. We take that for granted.

If someone doesn’t realize they’re making that choice – if they don’t realize that’s what’s happening – is it still right to mine that information in the same way? Does our technical ability to do it trump that consideration?

Taking aside the obvious implication that there may be a lot of education necessary about this stuff, what’s your take on this?

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One Response toA Quick Thought On Online Privacy

  • Interesting thoughts Dave.

    This topic is particularly interesting now with the incredible rise of Facebook and other social networking sites. Most people are unaware that Facebook owns the information posted to their site. It brings up real issues of privacy and education surrounding the use of personal information. I was a little put off to find out that even my precious ‘Blogger’ account is subject to use by Google, while they don’t claim to ‘own’ my content, they do claim the right to use it if they choose. Of course, I should’ve known that already, but we’re researching various social softwares for class and someone brought up the terms and conditions which so many fail to read closely.