Live-Blogging Mesh Day 1 – What Did You Think Of CoverItLive?

I tend to live-twitter conferences etc. It’s fun, it’s interactive and it keeps a good record of the event for my future reference.

However, Twitter’s reliability recently has been… well… awful. During the introductions to the opening day of Toronto’s Mesh Conference yesterday, I suddenly thought:

“What happens if Twitter goes down (again) today?”

CoveritLiveOn a whim, I decided to give live-blogging tool CoveritLive a try.

From a blogger’s perspective, the tool is fantastic. It took me literally a minute to set up, it let me easily manage the blogging process and it looked good on my site.

Part-way through the day and whaddya know? Twitter went down. At that point I starteded noticing a few regular comments on my site from the same people. On another whim, I decided to ask them if they wanted to participate in the blog. By lunch time, I had Leah Jones (Edelman), Andrew Cherwenka (Trapeze) and Katie Paine (KD Paine & Partners) all blogging away on my site, as smoothly as could be.

(On a related note, while the content was streamed using Cover It Live during the event, it let me download the code locally later. I plan on splitting out the different sessions into separate posts to simplify things when I have a second.)

Here’s my question to you – what did you think of CoveritLive? Was it useful? Did you like the way it looked? Was having people blogging simultaneously from different sessions just too much?

Did CoveritLive work for you?

4 Responses toLive-Blogging Mesh Day 1 – What Did You Think Of CoverItLive?

  • Brad Buset
    ago13 years

    It seems like a great tool – refreshes were smooth and fits pretty seamlessly into the site. Hope to see more of it today.

  • I dunno, I think ScribbleLive is better but I’m pretty biased 😉

  • I’m impressed – and plan on using it for educational applications here at the university – i have a series of online communities where each person/group have their own blogs – I’m going to try this tool as the synchronous communication tool and for focus groups. I checked scribblelive but it is run from their site; i like the idea of inserting this live blogging instance directly into my blog. Thanks for the heads up Dave.

  • Once again Dave, really neat stuff. I’ve had difficulty really seeing the usefulness of Twitter, but for live blogging (something is actually happening, you’re not just brushing your teeth) I think this is a really great tool. And apparently works better than Twitter at times.

    And Michael, I only flew out of Edmonton yesterday, but it seems the MACT is falling into my blogosphere bubble 😉 It would be interesting to see how this tool would work in our social networking site.