WestJet Shows The Value Of Providing Friendly Service

WestJet plane It’s always a pleasure to write good things about a company. Today I’m pleased to do this for WestJet.

On May 23 I flew on Westjet flight 651 out to Halifax on my way to run the Cabot Trail Relay in Cape Breton (which went really well, by the way – our team, Cardio Arrest, came fourth and won the mixed category).

Throughout the flight our cabin crew provided excellent friendly service, but our “MC” really made the difference. She missed her calling as a standup comedienne. A few choice quotes from her:

“If you’re caught smoking, you’ll be asked to leave the plane immediately…”

“[during the safety demonstration]… oxygen masks will drop down from above your oh-so-naturally-coloured hair… you take the Miss Piggy mask and put it over your face…”

“…it’s really easy, unless you’re like my ex-boyfriend…”

“We’ll shortly becoming through the cabin with garbage bags collecting drinks containers, tissues, $100 bills…”

“We’re landing about six minutes early, due entirely to your wonderful cabin crew…”

How can you not have a good flight with staff like that? Air Canada and their like could learn a lesson or two from this.

Bravo, WestJet. You’ve secured me as a loyal customer and it cost you nothing to do it.

4 Responses toWestJet Shows The Value Of Providing Friendly Service

  • Those are pretty funny lines. Humour can make a huge difference, especially on a long flight. I was on an US Airways flight where the flight attendant was very friendly and engaging. He said the same thing over again though, that being “It looks like it’s going to be hot in Charlottesville today.” You could hear him say that the whole way up the aisle and then after once he served your drink. No matter…it’s the thought that often counts.

  • Customer service can make such an impact on a company’s image and customer relationships. It is a wonder why it is not included in more PR strategies. It has worked wonders for Westjet.
    I’m certainly more likely to believe the opinion of a friend about a service/product than a media report.

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