Early Adopters

A useful reminder from Sylvain Grand’maison’s presentation at Podcasters Across Borders – right now, we’re all early social media adopters.

Early Adopters

While the increasing mainstream coverage of tools like Facebook and MySpace may be a sign that we’re moving beyond the introduction stage and into the growth stage of social media tools, from my perspective we’re still at a point in social media when everyone is learning. That’s especially true in public relations. PR has been around for a long time; social media has been around for just a few years.  I think we’re early in the lifecycle.

We have a bunch of new tools to experiment with; I think it’s up to us – the early adopters – to work out which ones are useful and how to use them.

What do you think?

2 Responses toEarly Adopters

  • Hi Dave,

    According to Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation theory, you’re quite right. We’re only just starting to hit the upswing in the S curve. But Rogers also cautions that full adoption of innovation often takes many years. This may be particularly true in public relations as a possibly more conservative older group moves closer to retirement and younger, more tech savvy practitioners advance their careers. I hate to generalize so much, but it seems only reasonable to assume that as the Millennial’s begin to take over the industry, adoption of social media practices will happen.

    You’ve reminded me I need to post regarding the outcome of my paper on the effectiveness of social media in public relations according to Diffusion of Innovation theory and New Media theory.

    Hope you enjoyed my hometown – it’s a beautiful city!


  • I agree with Kerri, and I’ve seen it. Recent Centennial grads and current students there are particularly appealing to some looking to hire almost solely for the fact that we have been dabbling in social media. Those who can’t do hire someone who can.

    It’s all kind of scary to me, though. As someone so new in the field, this is all I know. I’m only aware of a time in the industry before social media as we know it. There’s so much talk of “What happens when it all fails?” Scary, no?