Take-Aways From Podcasters Across Borders

PAB08 image, from Jay Moonah's presentation

No creative thinking from me here; just a few great take-aways from this weekend’s Podcasters Across Borders conference:


  • “Podcasts are NOT radio shows. The medium is different, therefore its effects are different.” –Jay Moonah
  • “Rule #1 tell people you have an Internet Radio Show, not a podcast.  It’s amazing how many people don’t really know what a podcast is still. Yet, they often nod like they do.” –Dave Delaney, ‘attending’ from Nashville
  • “You’re hosting the show, not yourselves.” –Shannon Hilchie


  • “If you understand a rulebook that’s great, but if you don’t understand why those rules exist then you can never evolve from that.” -Jay Moonah
  • “95% of the time there are rules because they’re the best thing to do for your situation. But 5% of the time there are rules that are going to get in your way and f*** you up” –Neil Gorman


  • “You have to pay attention to your customers because your kids need food… Free hugs are great but I can’t eat a f****** hug.” –Chris Brogan
  • “Making money is not a problem. Get over it.” -Chris Brogan
  • “Communities are not banks. Marketplaces are banks. Know the difference.” -Chris Brogan
  • “Centre yourself around passion. Plan around strategy.” -Chris Brogan


  • “I’m a social media expert? That’s like saying you’re an email expert. F*** off.” -Chris Brogan
  • “I’m an email expert.” -Neil Gorman

Just plain useful/fun

  • “Acting is about ideas, not emotions.” –Tim Coyne
  • “All presentations should have an element of “what’s in it for me?”” -Chris Brogan
  • “Deadlines and time limits can be your friend… a great 15-minute podcast that’s 30 minutes long is no longer a great podcast.” –Nora Young
  • “We don’t need to be important in order to do things that are important. We only have to convince people that we are worthy of them.” –Julien Smith
  • “A lot of people in Canada can’t have broadband. We have a responsibility to them too.” –Nora Young (very relevant to me as an ex-government guy)

This is just a smattering of some of the great pointers handed out by the speakers this weekend – you could fill a book with them. If you’re interested in social media, or podcasting in particular, and didn’t make it out to the conference this year, I strongly recommend you try to make it next year.

Thanks to Bob and Mark for putting on such a great event, and to Tommy and Francis for being such great hosts, too.

(Photo credit: Kingstonist.com)

12 Responses toTake-Aways From Podcasters Across Borders

  • Excellent post, Dave. Thank you for this “best ofs” list, from someone who could not be there, but really wanted to be there. All the inspiration, none of the travel!

    Well, probably not all of the inspiration, really, but some great chewy ideas here. Thanks again.

  • Nicely captured and organized, Dave. I’m not sure, though, how you were able to limit yourself to so few.

    Thanks for being part of the event!

  • @Drew – sorry you couldn’t make it. Maybe next time!

    @Mark – that’s simple – I was so busy listening to some of the sessions that I didn’t write down any quotes!

  • Hey Dave, thanks for the snippets. Now I’m regretting not hopping on the 401 and heading to Kingston… But I had to work at my 2nd job anyhow. So much for having a weekend!

  • It was great to finally have a chance to chat a bit – glad you enjoyed the weekend!

    See you soon I hope!

  • You PABsters were great at capturing the content and mood of the weekend for those of us that couldn’t go. Thanks for that!

    Looking forward to rest that will no doubt pour in over the next few days!

  • Dave, thanks for including my “podcasting” tip. I can’t believe I was able to provide something meaningful, while not even being able to attend PAB this year. I’ll be there next year, watch out!


  • Nice job pulling the “take-aways” from the presentations.

    Great talking with you Dave.

    Lets keep in touch.


    ps- i started running again, as of last night.

  • Ooooh, I’m a quote!

    Thanks so much! I’m really glad our presentation went over so well. 🙂

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