Strategic Communications Planning – A Free eBook

Between May and August 2008 I published a series of posts on strategic communications planning based on my experience over the past few years. Due to popular demand (and prodding from the likes of Ed Lee, Ryan Anderson, Robert French and Karen Russell) I’ve compiled the thirteen posts into an eBook for your downloading pleasure.

The Strategic Communications Planning eBook is an introduction to effective strategic corporate communications planning. It features all of the posts from the original communications planning series of posts, edited to reflect feedback I’ve received and with some additional content added throughout.

The eBook is embedded below and you can download itas a PDF file via the embed, or from Scribd or docstoc SlideShare (the other sites began charging for downloads).

I hope you find this useful. If you do or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

60 Responses to “Strategic Communications Planning – A Free eBook

  • Thanks for generously sharing. Am likely to be teaching strategic communications in Holland this summer so will be taking a Canadian dimension to the course.

  • Dave thanks for multiplying the knowledge in communication planning.

  • A huge thank you – I’m going to use this series to write a strategy in my new post having never written one before, and I’m no student! It’s so well explained and I feel a lot more confident.
    Cheers Dave

  • Anh Thi Trinh
    ago3 years

    Thank you so much for your sharing! I am a new guy in Digital Marketing! This resource helps me alot to improve my knowledge and experience as well!BIG thanks!

  • Timadi Pius Zimughan
    ago2 years

    This is truely exciting. Let,s go with livefyre

  • sohails234
    ago7 months

    Nice Informative
    Blog having nice sharing..

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