The Rise and Fall of Twitter

A light-hearted moment amid the seriousness: this video, posted on TechCrunch, is a wonderful parody of Twitter’s reliability problems.

The clip is taken from the movie Downfall – a serious movie on a very serious topic. As the original post says, though, “Just remember, it’s not about Hitler. It’s about Twitter.” Still, turn your speakers off if there are any German-speakers in your office.

As Mathew Ingram noted, Hitler sure made some funny videos. Hilarious.

On a related note, it looks like Twitter may finally be getting over the issues that resulted in videos like this. At time of publishing, the site has enjoyed 99.95% uptime so far in August.

2 Responses toThe Rise and Fall of Twitter

  • I wish Twitter well, but I have to contest the 99.95% uptime stat. My replies have had about 50% downtime and things still appear to be limping along. I suppose we’ll have to contend with a broken service while they work on their next generation. The video is hilarious though.

  • Jen Zingsheim
    ago12 years

    The Internet gives rise to some odd memes, that’s for sure! My first encounter with this was this one: Same film, about BMW GS bikes. My boyfriend–BMW GS owner–sent it. This Twitter one really speaks to me though!