Third Tuesday Toronto Season To Kick-Off With AideRSS

AideRSS logoI’ve written a couple of times previously about AideRSS, the Waterloo, Ontario-based RSS filtering service. Now you can hear directly from the people behind the tool.

On September 16, the new Third Tuesday Toronto season will kick-off with Ilya Grigorik, Co-founder and Chief Technology Office, Jim Murphy, VP Development, and Melanie Baker, AideRSS’ Community Manager, speaking about building the company, building a community and building for the future.

Personally, I’m very much looking forward to this event. I think the AideRSS folks have done a lot of things right and I’m looking forward to their insights and hearing about their plans for the future.

Attendance is limited to 80 people, so be sure to register online to reserve your spot. It’s free, so what are you waiting for?!

Thanks to our sponsor

Speaking of free, the reason we can offer this event free-of-charge is that our sound system costs are covered by our sponsor, CNW Group. Many thanks to them for their support (disclosure: CNW Group is a Thornley Fallis client).

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3 Responses toThird Tuesday Toronto Season To Kick-Off With AideRSS

  • I’m really looking forward to what seems to be a big chunk of the AideRSS team. What a great start to the new Third Tuesday Toronto season to say the least (I’ll be skipping class to attend not surprisingly).

    I’m looking forward to hearing future plans and ideas involving PostRank.

  • It will be very cool to meet all the invisible friends and community members in person. One can only do so much from behind an avatar. 🙂

    @Malcolm — The three of us aren’t the bulk of the team by any means, but we’re a decent cross-section. We’ll try to sound as smart as possible. 🙂

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