My Podcamp Montreal Dashboard

I’ve had a couple of conversations at work recently about using iGoogle to pull feeds together. To test the waters, I’ve created an iGoogle dashboard for my time at Podcamp Montreal this weekend so I can stay on top of things.

The dashboard includes:

Here’s a screenshot:

PodCamp Montreal Dashboard

I’ve also created a custom Google Map of the key locations for the weekend,
but I haven’t figured out a way to put that on the page yet. I have a couple of
other ideas for things to include, too – other peoples’ Podcamp Montreal
bookmarks, for example.

What else would you include on your dashboard?

(Hat tip to Christopher S. Penn for the initial inspiration)

5 Responses toMy Podcamp Montreal Dashboard

  • very cool – too bad there’s no way to “box” it and share with others…

  • Nice job Dave.

  • I’ve been thinking I want to build something like this for the next Podcamp Toronto. But like Bob says, I want it to “box it” so that people can use and customize it for themselves.

    I think that Netvibes offers this ability, I went to the trouble of making a dashboard page for my podcast but I never released it out to people. Here it is now though, it’s called a Universe (or a public page) in Netvibes terminology and every account can make one.

    I think there’s a way to sign up and use pieces of the Universe to start your own page, but I’m not sure if you can grab the whole universe at once (which is really the functionality we need).

  • Brent – I think PageFlakes allows you to publish your pages too.

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