Wario Land: Shake It – Drops My Jaw (And The Screen)

I just watched a new promo for the Wii game Wario Land: Shake It. You have to check this out – it’s one of the most creative approaches I’ve seen to an ad in a long time.

The screen shot definitely doesn’t do it justice – check out the video here.

(Hat tip: Greg Kumparak)

3 Responses toWario Land: Shake It – Drops My Jaw (And The Screen)

  • I didn’t even realize something like that could be done. I assume Nintendo had to pay a pretty penny to be given that much control over their channel page.

    But yea, it’s a brilliant concept that is executed very well. I love that all the links (seem to) remain clickable while the chaos is happening.

  • I feel like I am missing something — perhaps I am not in the target market since I don’t like video games but I was sent this link by a couple of different people and after about 30 seconds stopped watching because I couldn’t see what the big deal was. Can someone please enlighten me??!

  • Amrita – watch it to the end. It speeds up over time.