ROI: Why Social Media Will Grow

If you haven’t seen this video from Gary Vaynerchuk, well, you need to. Gary eloquently explains why advertising in traditional media is falling and why advertising in social media is growing, and will continue to grow: measurable return on investment.

Layer that on top of the methods for measuring other outcomes in social media, which we’re developing, and you’ll see why social media can be such a powerful addition to your communications and marketing mix.


6 Responses toROI: Why Social Media Will Grow

  • Gary is very passionate about the topic which is bang on.

    I’m fascinated about the Internet’s capabilities and just employed a service to drive my presence using Web 2.0.

    Thank you Dave too for spreading the news

  • Dave I have read your blog for a while and finally today I am leaving a comment. I love the passion that Gary oozes. This supports the idea that business owners need to find out WHO is watching, listening and reading their story. Traditional media just does not have that answer.

  • Mario, Martin

    Thank you both for your comments. Mario – I’m glad you decided now was the time to respond! I hope you’ll continue to do so.

    You’re right – these new tools really do provide us with the opportunity to dig into the details in a way that traditional media simply can’t.

  • Interesting, but the cpm cost of social media advertising is only a fraction of the cost of more conventional online advertising which indicates advertisers aren’t convinced of the value of social media. Or am I missing something?

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