Are You Reading The Top PR Blogs?

I just came across another useful list of the top PR blogs out there, pulled together by Matthew Watson.

The list, culled from the Ad Age Power 150 list, takes all of the blogs with "PR," "publicity" or "public relations" in their title, so my site isn’t on there right now but it still represents a lot of work by Matthew and a good snap-shot of the top blogs that you may want to check out.

Here are the top ten according to the September list:

  1. PR 2.0
  2. PR Squared
  3. A Shel of my Former Self
  4. POP! PR Jots
  5. Pro PR
  6. PR Blogger
  7. Strategic PR
  8. Young PR
  9. PRNewser
  10. A PR Guy’s Musings

Nice work.

6 Responses toAre You Reading The Top PR Blogs?

  • Hey Dave,
    My blog seemed to be missing too (I had a few stern words with Matthew and he kindly informed me that I had to actually submit my blog to AdAge before they’d list it… Social media faux pas #46).

    Ideally the top blog system should create more popular blogs. If new bloggers are reading the big blogs and commenting then that should drive traffic (providing their offering something insightful, unlike this ramble) therefore the new blogs climb the rankings!

  • Dave,

    Sorry it’s took me so long to comment. I’ve been meaning to for a while. Anyway, thanks for the link!

  • Twitter Comment by @tressalynne (Tressa Robbins)

    @thisisjason For good PR blogs, try [link to post]

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  • Joel Bouckaert
    ago9 years

    Thanks for the list, Dave.

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