Government 2.0 Best Practices Wiki

Given my former life in the Ontario government, I was recently thrilled to see a new effort by Mike Kujawski – the Government 2.0 Best Practices Wiki.

As Mike says:

Every workshop or conference I speak at, I am asked the same first question by most public servants: “Who else is doing this in government?”. I want this wiki to have all the answers and to continually grow as new initiatives arise.

If you work in government, in any country, and have examples of social media use within your organization, I strongly encourage you to contribute and to help Mike make this effort succeed.

2 Responses toGovernment 2.0 Best Practices Wiki

  • Janine
    ago12 years

    Hi, Dave
    Great blog! I work in the government sector and this wiki reference will definitely help me in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for spreading the word Dave! It’s getting lots of great uptake but could use more provincial examples…any that you’re working on?