Practical 101s: What Do You Want to Know?

One of my favourite things about working at Thornley Fallis is the conversations we have about social media, digital marketing and online communications on a daily basis. Not just in our offices (although there are plenty of those too), but also as a group, around the meeting room table. We have them all the time and they help to drive us forward as an organization, to stay on the cutting-edge of PR, and to challenge each other.

I’ve noticed that while those of us who are ‘into’ social media get a lot out of these discussions, people who are still getting up to speed on this stuff can struggle with some of the topics. Let’s be honest, a lot of this stuff may seem abstract if the you don’t understand the basics yet. Fortunately, we have an amazingly supportive culture at work that looks to help those people learn.

It makes me wonder, though, if I’m hitting the needs of this site’s readers

What interests you?

Do you read this site to get down into the details on the latest tools? Do you read it for strategic concepts? Or, perhaps, are you looking for tips on how to get started?

Let me know what interests you, and I’ll try to bear it in mind when I write.

If you’re in the latter camp, I especially want to hear from you. What things in particular do you want to know? Is it how to set up a persistent search? How to use a particular social bookmarking tool? Let me know in the comments.

If there are enough people interested in the "101s," I’ll start a series of "Practical 101" posts that address specific how-to’s in social media/PR.

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5 Responses toPractical 101s: What Do You Want to Know?

  • Practical 101 type posts are always of interest. Even though I’d place myself in the “into social media” camp, I still appreciate this type of post; I almost always learn something new or look at a tool or concept in a fresh perspective.

  • Tamara Gruber
    ago12 years

    I agree with Amanda. Even though I’m actively engaged in social media, I still wonder what I’m missing. And, how do we leverage these tools outside of our incestuous community to reach our true audience.

  • I have followed you for some time and have appreciated your approach to the ‘basics’ and digging deep into them. In my work in training customers how to use our service I have used what you have taught me. Bring on the Practical 101.

  • I’ve been in social media for many years now, and never before realized just how important “social media 101-type” information is. People are finally dipping their toes in the water…

    So serve up some 101 information, please. Even those of us who’ve been involved (Amanda, Tamara and me!) for awhile can use refreshers….

  • I am on the steep and disorienting part of the learning curve. I want to use would like to use twitter, podcasts, and feeds as a fun organized way to build my business, review and update clinical knowledge, keep up with current developments in my field, find tools for patients.