Quality Matters

When you finish a piece of work, are you willing to put your reputation on the line for it?

I hope so, because that’s what happens.

Every time you finish a piece of work, your reputation is on the line. Hand over exceptional work and your reputation will improve. Hand over sloppy work and it will worsen.

errorIt’s like the old line about trust: it takes a long time to build trust, but just one moment to lose it all.

No-one is perfect – we all make mistakes. Still, every time you produce sub-standard work, your reputation suffers. If you produce something that requires additional work from the recipient because you didn’t pay attention to detail, your reputation suffers even more.

This goes for work you pass-on to your manager, as well as to clients.

Proof-read your own writing. Double-check those media contacts. Play devil’s advocate with your strategy.

Don’t expect other people to fix your work for you. Fix it yourself. Make the quality of your work an asset, not a liability. Excel and your reputation will get better, not worse.

Are you willing to stand behind the work you produce?

4 Responses toQuality Matters

  • Thanks, Dave. Great advice for writers and PR people. I’ve shared it with my students.

  • Teresa
    ago12 years

    Dave (if I may call you so), I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the relationship between work standard and reputation…I have another saying to add…If you lose your money, you’ve lost a great deal…if you lose your reputation, you’ve lost everything. Cheers and thanks for sharing!

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