What’s Your Focus?

Something useful to remember:

davefleet.com target

That’s my focus. Every time I write a post I think about which of the segments in those two areas I’m writing for. Sometimes I’ll stray (I’m human), but that’s where I come back to.

What’s your focus?

6 Responses toWhat’s Your Focus?

  • Dave, nice simple thought. But, damn hard to be disciplined too. Leading a creative team from strategy to executing tools and tactics, I often sound like a broken record. Let’s make sure our work is authentic to the conversation. In our case – the passion conversation not the product conversation.

  • Marilia
    ago12 years

    Well, I don’t have my own way trying to focus, so I’ll just try to follow yous im my next job.
    Nice thought.

  • Nice way to visualize your target audience. I would love to hear you elaborate on how you characterize people in the fishbowl versus online conversations (versus… not yet in the online conversations). For example, someone who subscribes to your blog via RSS, perhaps is one twitter, but isn’t a blogger/writer themselves – where do you put them? Just curious.

  • Marcel, great question. For me I would define the ‘fishbowl’ as people who regularly create or content, and/or make their living related to social media. Not an exact definition, but close enough for my needs.

    Also known as “the people who know what ‘tweetup’ means.”

  • here is a question – is “people who are contemplating or just about turned from employed to self-employed” – too big of an audience? I wonder if I need to make my audience even smaller?

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