National Post Covers PodCamp Toronto

Reporters from the mainstream media like the Globe and Mail and the CBC, like Mathew Ingram and Angela Misri, aren’t just attending PodCamps now; they’re covering it them, too.

PodCamp Last Saturday, during the first day of PodCamp Toronto 2009, I took some time out and spoke with David Lipson, a reporter for the National Post.

Today the Post published the piece, entitled “Out from behind the laptop.”

As a PodCamp organizer and as an attendee, it’s amazingly gratifying to see the event getting mainstream attention, even if it forces me to remember the demonically-possessed projector screen in my first presentation:

Inside one of the classrooms, Fleet’s PowerPoint presentation on social media analysis began to deteriorate when a projector went haywire. Someone in the audience yelled out: “There is chalk and a board!” The room erupted into laughter at the thought of using the primitive writing device on a pristine board that probably hasn’t had a nail screech across it in years. After a couple of minutes of stalling, Fleet finally asked: “Can someone get on Twitter and get a tech guy over here?”


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  • You mean you didn’t have an iPhone or Blackberry to connect with Twitter yourself, Dave? 😉

    It is great to see more media coverage. Here’s hoping it’s a trend that will take in the *everyday* journalists and not just those already in the field.

  • It was classic… I was in the room at the time too. Note to self, always have a back up plan when it comes to technology / presentations!

  • Tiny clarification Dave, while a journalist by trade, I’m not actually a CBC Reporter, I’m an Operations manager for Radio Digital (which sounds infinitely less cool, I know, but I get to manage a team of Podcasters, Web Developers and other brilliant producers).

    I’ve been attending Pod Conferences (like Podcamp and PAB) for years now… and at least three of our Radio shows have ‘covered’ past conferences (I think) – Shelagh Rogers attended and spoke at PAB 2007, and Nora Young has attended and spoken about it as well, and Jowi is opening PAB this year… the CBC has been an excited member of the Podcasting Community since Todd Maffin brought us in 4 years ago, and he should get all the credit for that first foray.

    I agree though, more mainstream attention is important and gratifying.

    I can’t speak for the rest of CBC (obviously) but I for one, love being a part of the community on a personal level and am forever grateful that I am lucky to be a part of it on a professional level as well.

    Great to see you again at PodCamp, Dave, and for the introduction to your blog.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Angela! Great to meet you last weekend – I enjoyed chatting with you. Hope to bump into you at lots more events in the future!

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