MicroPlaza – Your Personal Micro-News Service

Over the last couple of days, I’ve spent some timechecking out MicroPlaza, the latest in a long line of services that have sprung up around Twitter. The difference between this one and most of the others?

This one is useful.


MicroPlaza aggregates all of the links tweeted by the people you follow. Every time one of your friends posts a link on Twitter, MicroPlaza records the message, along with the tweets of other people who have posted that same link. 

You can sort the links by date or by popularity (the number of people who have tweeted that link). You can also bookmark links and retweet your favourites from within the site.


This could all be a little much – if you follow lots of people the number of links could get overwhelming – but MicroPlaza also lets you create “tribes” – groups of your followers whose links you can view separately.

Now, I’m not really interested in new high-maintenance services – especially those that are built on top of other high-maintenance services. This makes it especially useful to be able to subscribe to both your full feed AND your tribes via RSS. 

Practical uses

How might MicroPlaza be useful?

  • Read what your friends read – create a ‘tribe’ of your friends and subscribe to that tribe.
  • Keep up with your workmates – create a ‘tribe’ with your colleagues.
  • Research – create a ‘tribe’ of experts in a chosen area and learn from them.
  • Stay on the leading edge – create a ‘tribe’ of people who are on the cutting edge of whatever topic you like.
  • Competitive intelligence – follow your competitors, create a ‘tribe’ with their accounts, and see what they’re reading.

See how useful this could be?

(Thanks to Danny Brown for the invite to check this out.)

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