Commenting Makes You Sexy

Ok, that’s not really true, but it does make me happy…

One of the main reasons I write this blog is the interaction I get to have with the people who read it. I love hearing your thoughts. I love when you tell me I’m wrong, or point out things I haven’t thought of. Basically, I love getting to know you all.

Recently, lots of people have remarked to me that the number of comments on their blogs are falling – replaced, it seems, by retweeting. While I’ve said before that I think someone retweeting a post is a compliment to the author, it certainly doesn’t match comments in terms of depth or, necessarily, furthering the discussion.

Interestingly, even with the shift to lower-commitment commenting via Twitter, the 90/10 rule still seems to apply. That means that, on average, only one in ten of you will comment-on or tweet a post. The other 90 per cent will “lurk.”

This is a call to everyone reading this, but especially those who read but don’t often add your two cents. Please take two seconds to de-lurk and say hi.

Who else is out there?

Commenting may not make you sexy, but it makes you de-lurky

If you’re reading this and you don’t usually comment on posts, please say hi! It’s really simple. If you haven’t done it before:

  1. Scroll right to the bottom of the post and the comments
  2. Fill-in your name and email address (I won’t do anything with it) and, if you like, your website address
  3. Let me know who you are! A little about you; why you read the site; what you want to get out of it; what you wish I’d write about – that kind of thing. Whatever you like. Introduce yourself. Say hi.
  4. If you want to receive subsequent comments via email, check the box below the “Post Comment” button.
  5. Click “Post Comment.”

Looking forward to getting to know you.

105 Responses toCommenting Makes You Sexy

  • Hi Dave! I haven’t commented on your other posts yet because I’m coming late to the game. I find that usually when I read a blog post I like to read through the comments that others have already left first, then add my comment if I can further the discussion. This is great when you enter a discussion early, but when you’re late to the party it can become very time consuming.

    This is an exception though, since you specifically asked us just to scroll right down and comment! Question for you in regards to blog posts & comments; do you have any plans to integrate the new Google Wave blog feature to your site? Sure it’s in the early days, but it definitely has some appeal!

    BTW, I first came across your site through a RT to this page: I’m just polishing up my CV and hope to have something off to you shortly.

  • Does this comment make me sexy?

  • Pierre Rattini
    ago11 years

    I am working to be the most value to my growing client list. This has been a two year transformation for me. I love it and find it challenging. I want to be help client with their social media. I just started reading your site and find it extremely helpful and informative.

    I would like to see more on press releases “the how to” as well as getting these picked up.

    I am becoming a big fan. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and expertise.

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