A New Look For DaveFleet.com

I’m re-launching DaveFleet.com today with a new, sleeker look and feel and a whole load of new functionality.

The big changes include:

  • Professional: The old site was built from a template when one man (me) and his dog read my posts. The new design was created by my colleagues at 76design. I hope you’ll agree it’s a big improvement.
  • Focus on conversation: I write this blog for the conversation. I learn more from you than you possibly can from me. The new design is based on conversation, and the layout is focused on making that easier – from featuring my latest tweets to the Facebook Connect integration (update: teething problems with this one; disabled for now) to threaded commenting.
  • Connection: Making it easier for you to connect with me – whether you want to subscribe to this site via RSS or connect through any of the other social networks I inhabit.

What do you think of the new site?


Old davefleet.com homepage


New davefleet.com homepage

32 Responses toA New Look For DaveFleet.com

  • I really like the new look, Dave! Very well done.

  • New site looks great – nice n fresh. Easy to connect. Congrats! Hope it works for you. I may follow suit with some of the concepts you’ve used when I relaunch mine in the next few weeks. All the best, Stu

  • Honestly, I like the open feel and the accessibility to “the conversation.”

    But aesthetically-speaking, the borders between the content and sidebar are too minimalist for me.

    I’m not a rounded-corner junkie, but there is an awful lot of white. Maybe just ever-so-slightly graying the sidebar elements, just to signal it’s a different thing.

  • Love the architecture of this site a lot better. Being in the PR/Social space like you are, the conversation and RSS presentation is at the appropriate level of prominence for the site.

    Food for thought: I know you’re using PostRank to determine top recent posts, and you have the archives domtabs, but I know you have a lot of solid past posts that would be a great introduction to you as a blogger and expert in this space; put any thought against a “Best of Dave” or similar structure? Perhaps in the About section? Just a thought.

    • I like that idea a lot, Dan.

      Maybe even archive the links on a page called “New here?”

      Make them the definitive Fleet posts that set the expectations.

      I’m going to do that for my site…

      • I like that idea, too. Nice thinking, Dan/Ike. I’ll muse on the posts that should be included over the next little while. Any suggestions?

  • Looks great, Dave. Really like the cleanliness of the design and I LOVE the quotation marks in your header image name.

  • Good job Dave. Good clean design and the connecting stuff is clear and simple to use. I like.

    • Agreed. I like clean layout which is tremendously improved for the user experience. Only question is why you have such a wide left and right margin; you might want to consider lessening both sides and widening this interior section.

  • Hey Dave,

    Looks good! Definitely a more ‘crisp’ look. I also quite like the quotation marks in the header – spiffiness.


  • First time visitor here, comparing to the old the design (from the screenshots) I think you made a great improvement by going from 3 columns to 2 columns. Nice integration between the social media services. The overall look and feel has been improved.

    Being a first time visitor I find it a bit hard to navigate through the site. I would suggest to lower the top link below the header image and put up a archive there aswell (I noticed it only until later that it was also at the sidebar).

    It would also be advisable to take a look at the type corps to possible increase it (large monitors) and increase the line height aswell to create a better legiblity for reading your content.

    At the homepage I would go for excerpt only, now I have so much content to scroll down to find the content that interests me. Good luck.

  • I liked the look & feel of the body part of the “Before”, just thought the header needed sprucing up. This site looks good but two things stuck out for me:

    1) I think the picture in the header should be one of you smiling. You look unhappy in this photo 🙁

    2) When I click on the links at the top, the headings on those subpages are hard to read – they disappear visually compared with the darker text everywhere else.

    • Maybe he rotates multiple headers, that smile or frown according to his mood that day.


  • One more thing… I *really* like the way your subheads resolve. Didn’t see it in this post, but the next one uses them very well.

    It’s great for reading and scanning.

  • Hey Dave ,really like the new layout and design, much more neat and clean, specially like the change from 3 to 2 columns much easy to navigate trough

  • The new layout is very clean and less jumbled together from discrete parts than before. Very nicely done.

    Just one question… what’s with the “Brogan-esqe” photo in your header? At least Chris is smiling in his… 🙂

  • Congrats on the new design. I really like what you’ve done with the right-hand rail – so simple and uncluttered, yet filled with lots of goodness. (The things you miss when you skim your reader. – heh)

  • The new design looks great-very professional and visually pleasing. Good work to you & the 76design crew!

  • Dave,

    I like the new look. Sleeker, especially with a single right column. Been thinking of a change too.

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