Social Mediators 6 – Living with the iPad; Living with less PR podcasting

In this week’s episode of Social MediatorsTerry FallisJoseph Thornley and I talk about some of the limitations of the iPad and changes to two of the longest running PR podcasts – Inside PR and For Immediate Release.

Joseph thinks that Steve Jobs has made a mistake with the product by limiting its usefulness for content creation. I think that “Steve Jobs has always done  – what Steve Jobs wants to do.” Terry doesn’t see it as a mistake and expects that Apple will sell a “whack of them.”

Also, after four years and 200 episodes of Inside PR, Terry Fallis and David Jones have given up podcasting.Martin Waxman will carry on with new co-hosts. Why did Terry quit? Partly fatigue. But also a sense that the show needs to be refreshed, that it will benefit from an infusion of new ideas.

We also talk about the changes to the longest running PR podcast – For Immediate Release – as Shel Holtzand Neville Hobson announced that they’ve cut back from two shows a week to a weekly podcast. FIR is a must listen for us and we’re glad that Shel and Neville are carrying on.

2 Responses toSocial Mediators 6 – Living with the iPad; Living with less PR podcasting

  • Like you, I’m a massive fan of FIR. But it has occurred to me of late whether podcasting is dead. Or at least, it’s not as frisky as it used to be.

    The ease of vlogging has put podcasting under the cosh and I speak from experience – having sat for almost 10 hours putting together a podcast for a corporate client today!

    Plus, I’m not sure so many people can be bothered to listen to podcasts. A quick poll of friends and colleagues wasn’t very promising.

    Still, I do believe in its value. But perhaps we need an injection of energy / cool new tools to make it easier.

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