Next Is Now

I don’t usually write about client work, but I’m pretty psyched about this video we produced for Rogers so I’m making an exception.

The video features some of the coolest stats and facts we could find about the changing world of communications technology and really – I think – captures the sense of acceleration that technology is fueling nowadays.

One of my favourite stats personally is that by 2017, there will be 7-trillion connected devices – that’s 1,000 for each person alive. That’s just crazy.

Check it out – what do you think?

21 Responses toNext Is Now

  • Excellent work Dave! The world is changing fast… faster… scary fast!

  • 1000 devices per person?! Krazy! Let’s see, a kindle, inspector gadget watch, wireless communicator, phaser (ala star trek), car, fridge, radio, etc…Yeah, maybe the video is right. Or maybe Apple or Rogers will finally invent the ultimate Swiss Army of tech devices. 1000 in 1!

    Great video by the way!


  • Sarah W.
    ago10 years

    Hey Dave,

    What editing software did you use for this video? It looks great!

  • Patrice Cloutier
    ago10 years

    Thanks Dave … will be useful … still people who need to be convinced that communications are now driven by your audiences … you jump in or you miss the train …

  • Dave, that was an inteteresting video. I’ve seen most of that data, but this format was the most interesting to watch. I really liked the projector concept and the facts. Great video!

  • Employee of the Year
    ago10 years

    Hi Dave- I love the video. You need to do another one that shows how Rogers supports other iconic Canadian businesses and institutions by connecting them with the people who use their services. We are at the heart of a lot of activity and there is a great story there.

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