Why I’m Writing This On An iPad

When the iPad came out I was vehemently against the idea of getting one, for several reasons:

  1. No multitasking
  2. No flash video
  3. No USB

I railed against the device online, I said similar things on the Social Mediators show and I argued against getting one privately.

How things change. I’m writing this post on my shiny new iPad, while sitting on a plane to Montreal.

Why the U-turn?

Several key reasons.

  1. Testimonials
  2. Travel
  3. Multitasking (soon)
  4. Convenience
  5. Work

1. Testimonials

Study after study shows that peers and word of mouth are central to purchase decisions. Every year, Edelman publishes its “Trust Barometer” study, and time after time it shows that we trust “people like us.” Well, since the first release of the iPad I’ve seen peer after peer obtain these devices and rave about the freedom and flexibility they gain when they do so. I’m not going to lie, this was a primary driver in my decision to purchase an iPad.

2. Travel

In addition, as my frequency of travelling increases, I’ve begun to long for a device which I can pull quickly and easily on a plane or in an airport lounge. My laptop just didn’t cut it from an ease-of-use perspective. When I had to power down ahead of take-off, I just hit a button and slid the iPad into the seat-back in front of me. Nice and easy.

3. Multitasking

When Steve Jobs first announced the iPad, I was dismayed that it wouldn’t support multitasking. I want to be able to deal with email while having alerts for new Twitter replies, or to flip back and forth between a game and a blog post. Fortunately, the upcoming OS update will take care of that so it’s no longer an issue.

4. Convenience

I cant count the number of times when I’ve wanted to quickly find something online, order delivery or show Caralin a neat video but haven’t wanted to wait for my laptop to boot up. The iPad boots instantly and is small enough to keep on-hand when you’re lazing around the house – perfect for couch surfing. What’s more, as with the iPhone, the web browsing is a dream compared to my Blackberry.

5. Work

Ok, this maybe me rationalizing a bit, but if I’m going to be on top of my game i think I should have some idea about the latest trends. I make a point of it with software; i think it’s important with innovative new hardware too. Case in point: within minutes of tweeting about buying the iPad, I received a call on my cell from a client asking about it. Frankly this isn’t the main reason for me buying this but it was a small factor.

Now, I’m not going to pretend this is a “magical” device as Jobs would have us believe. The keyboard takes some getting used to (placement of the space bar in particular), and I’m still incensed by the lack of Flash. A camera for video chat might be nice, although the device is too heavy to be used as a regular camera in other regular situations. However, the pros outweigh the cons for me at this point.

What do you think? Have you or will you get an iPad?

19 Responses toWhy I’m Writing This On An iPad

  • This is definitely a device that grows on you after a week or one trip. Then after a couple of months you can’t live without it and you start buying them for everyone you love. From an APPL revenue perspective, at least, that’s “magical”. 🙂

    The most valuable feature for me is the battery life. BTW, why on earth do you boot your laptop everyday?

  • I’m not convinced that I’d be happy putting my laptop aside for one of these. I’m digging in my heels until the bloom wears off and I hear more from the folks who impulse purchased one.

  • I too was skeptical of the JesusPad…er…iPad but you cannot judge what you haven’t experienced.
    Sure I’ll get one eventually – I’d like to be able to update my blog on the go, watch movies when I travel, and all around play with shiny new toys.
    Maybe I can finally read a book on the way to work!

    But do I need it? No.
    Do I want it? Yes.
    Will I have one? Eventually. I want to see if the glimmer of awesome is still there 6 months from now when the new wears off.

  • I should not have read this!!

    Also secretly, I hope Apple wins the war on Flash, I’ve never been a fan.

  • I see the iPad fitting in a space between the laptop and iPhone. At the moment I use the iPhone a lot to read books (on the couch, in bed etc) and to tweet on the go, the laptop is used to surf the web, handle email on the go as well as primarily being a second work station if I am on the road or sick of working in the office.

    I can see the iPad relegating the laptop to just a work machine with my email and web browsing moving over to the iPad while I get the added convenience of tweeting, reading books (and lets be honest, playing some games) on the bigger screen of the iPad instead of the iPhone.

    I guess this means i could live without one – but the question is would my life be more convenient if I did have one…

    Now I just have to decide which comes first – the upgrade to CS5 Master collection or the iPad (only been out in Australia for a week).

  • Jo Langham
    ago11 years

    I love my Blackberry but the more my trackball sticks, and the more I watch people Tyourself included) play with i-anything, the more I love the scrolling function and want one! Sorry RIM!

  • I clicked your link from Twitterific on my iPad.

    I had several reservations at first about getting one when it was released. There were many expected features that aren’t included on V1. But I saw far too many advantages in getting this now.

    I think I can use the iPad for everything but design work. I’ve synched all my info via MobileMe. The service will also enable me to locate it or wipe it if lost or stolen. It’s great for communicating in any way from anywhere. My portfolio looks great on this screen. I can’t wait for more books and magazines to be available. Looking forward to watching some video as well.

    Dave, you’ll love it more every day. Enjoy!

  • I appreciate Apple carving out another consumer electronics category that others will fill with alternatives. In my case, I believe a Chrome or Android version of the iPad will fit my workflow and budget my budget better than a first generation iPad. During the past three years, I haven’t been caught without on-board or hallway easy access to presentations or cached email since I already carry three different smartphones from Nokia and SonyEricsson and all of them connect to data projectors with a small cable I carry. At the moment, an iPad cannot do the work of those phones and an iPad won’t fit into my sling sack. Nonetheless, I’m happy Apple has given legs to millions of people with its ingenious inventions.

  • As a college student with a lot of time on my hands in the summer months and an undying urge to follow the trend I have been saving up all of my money to buy the newest thing out. I have been reading up on the iPad since it first came out and I have definitely heard more good reviews than bad ones which only pushes me to spend my pennies. But, after reading your top five reasons I’m not sure that I need an iPad right now.
    I’m only 20 years old, the furthest that I travel for my job is 7 miles so there is no flying necessary, I own a lap top, and I still believe that my laptop is convenient enough. I think I’m going to stick with my laptop and give Jobs some time to work out the iPad kinks and then I’ll spend all of my hard earned money!

  • I had the exact same mis- givings as David then saw on YouTube Virginia’s new ipad …a 100 year old women with impaired vision using her first computer,an iPad. SOLD! All the things David says are true.

  • There is so much hype around the iPad that it can be hard to distinguish how good the product actually is, however this is a thoughtful and honest insight, especially considering the initial scepticism stated.

    It seems that a lot of the initial critics of the iPad have now done u-turns on the device, which interestingly is convincing others to invest in the product. With features such as multi-tasking on the way, and the inevitable refinements Apple are known for, maybe this will be the market changing device it was originally pitched as.

    I’ll be interested to see how other readers feel about it, their experiences and if any are planning to invest in the near future. One thing is for sure, we will be seeing more and more of these being used in public in the coming months.

    • Hey Stephen it’s FUN! Etch a sketch for adults.

  • I have one and it drives me mad that it doesnt have a usb port. But hey ho at least I can read 7 million books a night.

  • I wrote a scathing anti-iPad article when it was announced, and I feel the same way that you do now. Essentially, the device had been hyped up to ridiculous proportions by tech blogs, and certain “absolutes” being left out made the iPad seem like garbage. At its price point however, it is one awesome piece of tech. Even if it doesn’t run OSX.

  • I love the IPad even though it does have some short comings like no usb port and multitasking also for the life of me I cant understand why apple did not include a camera with this device. I guess well just have to wait and see what the Google tablet brings.

  • The Ipad is a great device however it has a few downfalls that I hope that Apple will take a hard look at and consider adding in the next version of the Ipad one being handwriting recognition also fix the wifi issue.

    • wifi issue? mine works like a charm and switches to 3G automatically when out of wifi range. I have to say in many ways the KOBO reader is handier if you want something light and portable just for reading. I like reading on iPad but then I end up distracted by the other 50 apps I have. Ha! I can take the KOBO to the gym, something I would never do with the iPad. KOBO is low tech which I also love after a high tech day. Much easier to read the KOBO in bed whereas holding the iPad for too long give you aching wrists. O right this post is about iPad. I am still loving mine espy for watching tv shows and movies. I just stick in the headphones and can watch anywhere. Now if it only had an SD slot to extend the capacity….KOBO does. Oh there I go again. I have both and love them both bottom line. Customer service from Apple is superior. 2nd to none.

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