50 Great Apps for Your iPad

Wondering what apps to install on your iPad? Here are 50 of the apps I’ve installed on mine.

Take a look, and add to the list in the comments.


  1. Pages – Word processor. Sadly, not very compatible with MS Word (go figure) but suffices. $9.99.
  2. Keynote – Presentation tool. While I haven’t tried this yet, I’m hoping that this app may stop me from having to lug my laptop around to presentations. $9.99.
  3. Numbers – Spreadsheet tool. Enough said. $9.99.
  4. Dragon Dictation – Speech-to-text app. Makes dictating notes and ideas easy, and lets you text/email them quickly when you’re done. Free.
  5. Evernote – Wonderfully intuitive and easy to use. Integrates with the other interfaces (web, desktop, Blackberry etc). Free.
  6. LinkedIn – Sadly just an iPhone app for now. Hoping an iPad-optimized one is released soon. Free.
  7. Skype – It’s just an iPhone app right now so the interface isn’t great, but it lets you chat and call so who cares? Free.
  8. GoToMeeting – Lets you log into online meetings while on-the-go. Great way to save multi-task while travelling. Free.
  9. WebEx – Like GoToMeeting – lets you log into online meetings. Having both of these free apps will cover you for most meetings. Free.
  10. Dropbox – Lets you sync and share files online and across computers. Free.
  11. Dictionary.com – Dictionary for your iPad. Free.
  12. Adobe Ideas 1.0 – Sketchbook for your iPad. Great for jotting down ideas. Free.


  1. GoodReader – Integrates with Google Docs, Dropbox, box.net and other services. Lets you download and read multiple file formats including MS Office, iWork, HTML, images, audio, video and PDFs on your iPad. $0.99.
  2. Reeder – The best pure-play RSS reader I’ve found so far. $4.99.
  3. Pulse News Reader – This app alone has doubled how much news I consume. I sit down with this app and a cup of coffee every morning. $3.99.
  4. Instapaper – For all those posts you don’t have time to read in the office but want to later. $4.99.
  5. NYT Editors’ Choice – It’s the NYT. Free.
  6. BBC News – Great mobile interface for catching up on the latest news. Free.
  7. NPR – Another great news app. NPR content, in magazine format. Free.

Social Networking

  1. Twitterific – My favourite Twitter app for the iPad so far. Great interface. Free, or $4.99 for premium version.
  2. HelloTxt – Lets you update multiple social networks from one app. Free.
  3. TweetDeck – Interface could use some work, but still a good app. Free.
  4. TweetAgora – If you find yourself wanting to filter events out of your Twitter stream, this client is for you. Just an iPhone app for now, but hopeful that they’ll release an iPad version soon. Free.
  5. IM+ Lite – Integrates with multiple IM and social network tools. Free or $9.99 for upgraded version.
  6. WordPress – Reasonable interface for this iPad app, but editing features currently not as good as the web experience on a computer. Free.
  7. Darkslide – Another iPhone app; good for uploading photos to Flickr and browsing your friends’ latest photos. Free.
  8. Facebook – Still no iPad interface for this, which is surprising as Facebook could do great things with a bigger screen. Free.


  1. Air Video – Converts and streams video from your computer, as well as being a nice interface for the iPad. Best $2.99 you’ll spend.
  2. Remote – Neat for controlling iTunes on your computer from the iPad. Free.
  3. Shazam – Figure out what that song on the radio is. Free.


  1. iBooks – Apple’s e-reader app. Almost no books available in Canada, but a nice interface if Apple ever decides to notice we exist up here. Free.
  2. Kobo HD – Another nice interface, but this one has books available too. Free.
  3. Kindle – App for Amazon’s e-reader. Free.
  4. Stanza – Another nice e-reader app. Free.


  1. TwentyThree – Lets you access and update multiple location-based networks from one app, and see where your friends are. $0.99.
  2. TripIt – Popular app for organizing trips and seeing what your friends are up to. No iPad version for this yet. Free.
  3. TripCase – Like TripIt, another app for organizing and coordinating trips (note: associated with Travelocity.ca, which is a Thornley Fallis client). Free.
  4. Plancast – Let your friends know where you plan to be. Free.
  5. Foursquare – iPhone app for the popular location-based social network. Free.
  6. Gowalla – iPad app for the location-based social network. Free.
  7. Google Earth – Excellent port of the tool over to the iPad. Free.
  8. Kayak – Pulls in prices from numerous travel sites, including Travelocity (#client). Free.
  9. OpenTable – See which restaurants near you have tables available. Free.
  10. Urbanspoon – Check out reviews and ratings of restaurants near you. Great when you’re travelling in a new city. Free.
  11. Google – Suite of Google apps. Free.
  12. AccuWeather – Great, easy-to-use interface. Free.
  13. WeatherBug – Condenses a mind-boggling amount of information into a clean interface. Free.


  1. Epicurious – Recipes. On your iPad. Free.
  2. Craigsphone – Craigslist for iPad. Much better interface than the web version. Free.
  3. Digital Photo Frame – Another logical use for the monstrous storage capacity of the iPad – load your photos and off you go. Free

What about you? What apps have you liked so far?

16 Responses to50 Great Apps for Your iPad

  • Great list, Dave. I wouldn’t add too much to that. Here are a couple that I love which you missed:

    – Wikipanion, best app for Wikipedia thus far
    – IMDB, indispensable if you’re a movie geek
    – Epicurious, recipes w/ a nice interface
    – Wolfram Alpha, now that the price is reasonable (they used to want over $50 for it) this is a great app
    – The Guardian Eyewitness, great photo-of-the-day app
    – Osfoora HD, trying this out as a Twitter client to replace Twitterific
    – Wired, not a perfect app, but a good step forward for e-magazines
    – Simplenote, cloud-based notes sync
    – Things, best task manager I’ve found – syncs with Mac and iPhone apps

    A note on iBooks: They actually have books in the Canadian bookstore now! Woooo! 🙂

  • I’ve tried all the Twitter clients for the iPad and Osfoora HD makes the others feel like MS-DOS apps. It should be at the top of the list. http://www.osfoora.com/

    There’s also a whole host of great apps available for jailbroken iPads. I wrote about a couple of them on my Posterous blog at http://robertlendvai.posterous.com/tag/ipad

  • Art Authority is a great app if, like me, you know very little about art, and want to learn enough to get by. Thousands of paintings and artist information. Also Quotes HD is a solid quotations app that I’m enjoying.

  • There are clearly some great apps here that definitely make the iPad a worthy buy for the business professional. Apps such as ‘GoToMeeting’ and ‘WebEx’ clearly could be very useful for business people on the go, allowing them to constantly stay up to date. ‘Pages’ and ‘Keynotes’ would suffice for all word processing and spreadsheet requirements.

    I’m unsure how useful Skype would be as an iPad application, as using your iPad like a phone might look a bit ridiculous! However I’m sure this will be developed into an iPad version. Other suites such as Wordpress could come in very useful for managing blogs.

    We’ll shortly see more iPad apps coming onto the market, as there is always an initial delay after a product is launched such as this. As these arrive I think we will see a rise in iPad usage in public, as more useful apps become available.

  • For you shutterbugs Photogene is terrific. I think it is 4.99 and well worth it. AirVideo worked great for a couple of days and then I got this message that it could not find the server. I tried about a hundred work throughs no luck. I use a different process to run videos into my videos app but am disappointed AirVideo does not work anymore. Also I don’t think you mentioned Wall Street Journal, even the free app is informative. USA today is also free. Disappointed with Wired.Thanks for the Osfoora HD tip Robert!

  • Hey there Dave, don’t forget the new Mapquest app – free turn by turn GPS app. It’s very cool. D

  • All sound like great little apps… just need to iPad now!

  • hey great list!! i didn’t knew about few of them..thanks for sharing..i have downloaded 8 apps from this list…

  • Jalitaachen
    ago10 years

    “Tilt to live” is surely the most addicting game ever!

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