[Personal] Proud of my Brother

I usually keep this blog to work-based content, but I’m making an exception today.

My brother Simon lives with learning disabilities. Cornwall Council, which offers programs to help people in his situation find work, just produced this video about him.

I have a tear in my eye right now. I couldn’t be more proud of my little bro’.

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  • Dave, that is a nice and uplifting story about your bro. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous
    ago10 years

    Very sweet… and well done video!! Good for him!

  • Great video! thanks for sharing this –

  • Roberrific
    ago10 years

    well done. I like how it ends with the guy saying they have to ask them to take breaks. Thanks for sharing this Dave.

    • I think that part is particularly telling about how great this is for him – wouldn’t it be great if everyone could find a job they’re that enthusiastic about?

    • I think that part is particularly telling about how great this is for him – wouldn’t it be great if everyone could find a job they’re that enthusiastic about?

  • rochlatinsky
    ago10 years

    thank you for sharing this wonderful story. It’s great to know that programs like this exist.

  • Dbuganto
    ago10 years

    That’s a great story Dave

  • This is very touching. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • So great. Thank-you for sharing this Dave

  • Dave – thanks so much for sharing this. As someone who also has a younger brother with learning disabilities, I know first-hand the struggles they face in both their personal and professional lives. Luckily, my brother got a fresh start in Edmonton earlier this year and he’s finally happy.

    So happy for your brother – it’s great to see him doing something he loves! Best wishes to you both.

    • Really glad to hear your brother is doing well too, Julie… thanks for stopping by!

  • Cdprince
    ago10 years

    Your brother is a Rock Star. Congrats Simon, nothing like finding a job you love!

  • Marthawatt
    ago10 years

    Great story, super brother (you, and Simon!). Thanks for sharing, Dave.
    ~martha watt

  • You have every right to be proud of a brother like that. What a genuinely good person he is! Good luck to him in his future endeavors.

  • That was brilliant – inspiring, no less.

  • Anonymous
    ago10 years

    reposting from earlier:
    thank you for sharing. this is really inspiring and very close to home.

  • Simon rocks Dave! If everyone had his work ethic and enthusiasm, the world would be a much more efficient & nicer place. Cornwall Council seems like a fabulous resource. Thanks for sharing that – it really brightened my day.

  • Props to Simon; he’s a role model for “enjoy what you do, smile while you do it and do it well”. A real accomplishment; if he was my brother I would be proud too.

  • Thanks for sharing Dave!

  • Dave,

    I watched the video with my 3-year old son and he thought Simon was super cool to be able to work on buses. If you want please share that with Simon.

    It was a great video. People with learning disabilities deserve opportunities because they can be productive members of society and teach us a lot.

    Thank you for sharing and that’s nothing wrong with being a proud brother!

  • Social media stardom runs in the family…

  • You both have one thing in common: when Simon said, “I enjoy it very much. I don’t leave.” Sounds like someone else I know. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, Dave.

  • I echo what everyone else has said about your brother, Dave, but also want to offer kudos to Cornwall for offering a program that lets people like Simon shine. Too often, token efforts are made but those with such disabilities are swept under the rug. It’s a great example of how government can (and should) play a role in ensuring everybody gets to share a piece of the dream.

  • Best video of 2010. ‘Nuff said, mate. πŸ™‚

  • Dave,

    Very nice… I’m glad that you have let us in on your personal life today… I don’t even know your brother, but I am proud of him.

  • Very inspiring, I agree with Shel that this is a feather in the cap for Cornwall to help provide an opportunity for an individual like Simon to shine. You must be super proud!

  • Rayanne Langdon
    ago10 years

    At first I thought, “Wow, how did they manage to find ALL people with British accents in Cornwall, Ontario?” Haha.

    This is SO sweet, Dave. He has such a bounce in his step and is so into what he’s doing. I love it : )

  • I wish more people understood learning disabilities and mental illness. It’s not easy to live with one (or more) and it’s an accomplishment to live a semblance of a normal life. I am so happy for you and your brother.