The Non-Review Review: The Now Revolution

A quick confession for you: about six months ago I snagged a pre-release copy of the book “The Now Revolution,” by my friends Amber Naslund and Jay Baer. I quickly read it, absorbed it and loved it.

The Now RevolutionThen I got busy… really busy… and failed to find time to write a review of the book. Over time, my memory of the specific highlights faded and it became more and more futile to try to write the review without re-reading the book.

I still intend to re-read the book, and will eventually write the review, but for now know this:

  • I loved The Now Revolution
  • It covers social strategy at a high level, from philosophy to business culture to listening and more
  • I constantly recommend it to people, and I don’t do that lightly
  • I recommend you pick up a copy if you haven’t already

I’ll write more when life is calmer.

  • Thanks so much Dave. We really appreciate your support, whenever and however it’s offered.

  • Received Jay and Amber’s book “The Now Revoluiont” and plan to read and review this book. Until then visit our presentation of this book to our readers =>

  • Thanks for sharing! I plan to read this book.

  • Hi David,

    This sound like it would be good for me to read. I will go check it out. Maybe even write my own review. Thanks for sharing.

  •  Will take your recommendation. Added to my shopping list. 🙂