Infographic: The Cost and Benefit of Social Media

Check out this infographic – the first thing I’ve seen really trying to put a number on the true cost and return of social media activities.

Is it perfect? No. Is it an interesting kick-off point for a discussion? Certainly.

What do you think of it?

Source: Focus. (Good to see Danny Brown referenced in here, too)

One Response toInfographic: The Cost and Benefit of Social Media

  • Will Hardie
    ago9 years

    Thanks for sharing — some useful stuff here. The use of Facebook stats is a bit misleading though: they don’t show causation. If I like Nike enough to become a fan, it’s a good bet that I would already have bought more Nike gear than the next guy even if there was no Facebook page. What we want to know is whether becoming a Facebook fan made me buy even more Nike gear. We should be comparing regular Nike customers who aren’t fans to regular Nike customers who are fans; or spending before becoming a fan to spending after becoming a fan.