You Never Know

It’s all too easy to shoot your mouth off sometimes – to pass judgement and get a quick dose of attention and reaction from others – without thinking carefully of the consequences.

Just remember – you never know:

  • Who might be your boss one day
  • Who might interview you, or review your resume, one day
  • Who might be a colleague one day
  • Who might be a client one day
  • Who might be a key supplier one day
  • Who might be a potential recruit one day
It’s easy to pass judgement… but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

4 Responses toYou Never Know

  • So Dave… who got promoted?  😉

  • kaushik raja
    ago9 years

    This is the world of uncertainty and anything can happen at
    any time for anyone. Once I tried to do it by thinking before whatever I speak
    but didn’t workout for long. It become like someone inside u holding you back
    always…….. May be I need to try it once again.

    Thanks for the article

  • awsome post! i will share it with my friends ! that is so cool!