Three Ways To Wag The Long Tail Of Content

I was glancing at my blog traffic stats the other day, and noticed something that made me sit up and take notice – after three years, the most-viewed post on this site continues to be the opening post in my good communications planning series, with over 125,000 views.

What’s more, the traffic to this post is continuing to rise over time. Here’s a chart of the daily traffic to the post:

Doesn’t look much like the typical ‘long tail’ image of traffic over time, does it?

I got to wondering why this is happening. Here are my ideas:


1. Useful content

The 13-part series of posts I wrote on communications planning walk through the process of creating a communications plan, from start to finish. It (I hope) is useful stuff; content that people find applicable and helpful.

2. Evergreen content

These posts are as helpful today as they were when I wrote them. While best practices around plan development will, I’m sure, evolve over time, this series should remain helpful for a long time.

3. Optimize for search

As someone pointed out to me on Twitter, Google “good communications plan” and this post is the top result. “Communications plan” continues to be one of the top search terms used to reach this site. I thought-through the titles of the posts, and the cross-linking between them, when first writing them, and it worked well.

I’d love to hear your take – have you experienced this kind of effect before? What caused it then?





4 Responses toThree Ways To Wag The Long Tail Of Content

  • Thanks for sharing your data. I’ve absolutely seen this phenomenon, both on my own blog and those of clients. As you’ve seen, the key to getting new site visitors from old content is good SEO. I find it’s the best way to build additional readership.

    Finding ways to showcase old content on site can help make the overall blog more sticky, and decrease bounce rates. This is something most of us could do better (I’m working on it!).

  • Influence is another factor. 

    I feel the Field of Dreams model no longer works, ie write it and they will come. 

    You have to work harder not to promote your content to get thru the clutter. 

  • Thanks for the article. Very interesting. 

  • thanks a lot for the post! very interesting!