Measurement tape

Return On Influence Can Return From Whence It Came

The Harvard Business Review recently published a post entitled “Return on Influence, the New ROI“. In it, the author suggested...

Graph showing growth

Three Ways To Wag The Long Tail Of Content

I was glancing at my blog traffic stats the other day, and noticed something that made me sit up and...

Offer your customers an easy way, not the hard way

7 Tips For Getting Legal Approval on Social Media Programs

I don’t think it matters which form of communications you work in; “legal” often seems to be a pain point....

Video: Thoughts on Social CRM for Small Businesses

Video: Thoughts on Social CRM for Small Businesses

Social CRM is a hot topic right now. As companies’ use of social media tools begins to mature from a...

Photo of lots of words

4 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Content Strategy

Lots of people spend lots of time nowadays thinking about how to build up channels/audiences/communities (choose your buzzword as appropriate)...

Social Support: Angry customer on the phone

Eight Tips for Scaling Social Customer Support

David Armano noted in a recent Harvard Business Review post on social business that listening to conversations is a valuable step...

Corporate Twitter

Cartoon: Corporate Twitter

This made me chuckle. Recognize this picture? (via the brilliant

The Cost and Return of Social Media

Infographic: The Cost and Benefit of Social Media

Check out this infographic – the first thing I’ve seen really trying to put a number on the true cost...

Finger clicking a mouse button

Don’t Be Fooled By Last-Click Analysis Of Social Media

Forrester recently published a report entitled “The Purchase Path of Online Buyers.” Normally I’m a fan of Forrester’s reports, but...

Frustrated man

Yeah, Well Your Agency Is Killing Unicorns

Daniel Stein recently wrote an attention-grabbing post over at Digiday entitled “HypeBusters: PR Agencies Are Ruining Facebook.” His basic argument:...

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