SocialScope Incorporates Foursquare, Twitter Lists

SocialScope, the BlackBerry app billing itself as “a mobile inbox for your social networks,” has released a new version (v0.9.5.81-0) of its beta application.

The primary changes in the new version:

If you aren’t aware, Foursquare is a location-based social network combining geographic context with gaming elements. I’m fascinated with it thanks to its myriad marketing opportunities, but unfortunately there’s no way to use it on a BlackBerry right now aside from a less-than-satisfying mobile site (there’s an app in closed beta testing right now, but I haven’t received an invite yet).

The new SocialScope app almost negates the need for a stand-alone Foursquare app entirely. Using the Foursquare API, the app accesses your BlackBerry’s GPS functionality to determine your location (no news on how it works on older models) and lets you check-in to places quickly and easily.

Foursquare location information on SocialScope Foursquare location list on SocialScope

Foursquare friend updates on SocialScope

(Note the built-in typo in the standard “off the grid” messages)

While SocialScope has supported creating groups of users in the app itself for a while, the latest update also supports Twitter lists, allowing you to display your pre-created lists, add to existing lists or create new lists from scratch.

Adding to a Twitter List in SocialScope

SocialScope has already won its place as my BlackBerry Twitter app of choice due to its user-friendly interface and easy integration of other social networks, but this easily cements its spot.

21 Responses toSocialScope Incorporates Foursquare, Twitter Lists

  • If I had the latest SocialScope update I could compare it with the Foursquare Beta app, however I have v0.9.5.44 and the check for updates button is not finding anything.

    • Hi Anthony… hopefully the new version will be released more widely soon. You’d have to ask the SocialScope team about that, though – I don’t have any information on release dates.

  • Scew socialscope and their “private” beta seriously

  • Well if the SS would get back to me with a beta invite approval, I could maybe see what all the fuss is about… 😉

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