Video: Dave Fleet On Communications Trends And Joining Edelman

Many of you know that about six weeks ago I joined Edelman‘s Digital team. Soon after, I sat down with my new boss, Sylvain Perron – to chat about my career path so far, my thoughts on some key communications trends and the reason I made the move to Edelman.

What do you think – are the communications trends I’m seeing on-the-mark?

(Note: This video is also posted on the Edelman Digital site)

3 Responses toVideo: Dave Fleet On Communications Trends And Joining Edelman

  • Holy facial hair, dude! 😉

    Congrats again on the new gig, and look forward to seeing what’s next in your timeline.

  • Loved your comment about “its about the people you work with”. This is a powerful statement about Edelman and who they hire. It must be a fantastic team. I worked at IMAX whom had the same philosophy and it was one of the best work environment I ever worked at where we manifested so much great work. Dave, you dah man! You deserve all the industry rewards with being such a powerful driver and contributor.

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