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A Privacy-First Digital Marketing Landscape

We are in the midst of seeing a privacy-first marketing landscape emerge, and that landscape is – mostly – our fault.

Digital is facing a Trust Crisis

Amidst the gloomy outlook from this year's Trust Barometer report, there are four significant implications for digital marketers and communicators.

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The risk of building your social media house on someone else’s land

Now is the time for brands to invest in their own properties. This doesn’t mean stepping back from social media, but it does mean ensuring that that activity drives some kind of long-term benefit.

Awesome vs Less Awesome

(Social Media) Strategy: Lessons from the Trenches

I’m fortunate to have benefited from a number of strong mentors and leaders who have supported me or taken a...

Not your grandparents’ social: The ongoing evolution of social media

Social media has driven momentous change in the business world over a little more than a decade. It has changed...

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A Digital Lens on the U.S. Election

One day after the U.S. election and the dissection of the reasons for the outcome is well underway. Richard Edelman,...


Reflections on the changing digital agency environment

We live in interesting times in the digital agency world – a time of constant change in our business landscape...

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Four theories on the declining trust in Canadian social media

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending my seventh Edelman Trust Barometer launch event in Toronto. This year’s results are...

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Presentation: The Power of Loyalty in Social Media

This afternoon I was pleased to have the opportunity to present at Sprinklr‘s Social @ Scale event in Toronto, as part...

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Marketing, community, support or all of the above?

Something has been gnawing at me for a while, and after a great conversation over brunch with Ferg Devins today...

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