Which Sites Are You Deeply Engaged With?

Last month, Yahoo and ComScore released the results of a joint research project which showed that our of an average of 85 websites that people visit each month, people are really only “deeply engaged” with about 1.5 of them.

Stopwatch The article got me thinking about the sites that I am really engaged with; the sites which I visit almost every day and on which I spend most of my online time.

I’m a little more active online than the ‘average’ person – I can think of five sites with which I consider myself “deeply engaged”:

  1. Google – without doubt, this is one of the sites I use the most. If Google didn’t function properly one day… well, I’d use another search engine… but aside from that I’d be quite put out.
  2. Twitter – whether I’m on the site itself (which I do with increasing frequency as I continue to have problems with Twitter’s API limits) or accessing the service through a desktop or mobile application, I probably use Twitter more frequently than any web service other than Google.
  3. Google Reader – usually the first website I check each day – I do still scan mainstream newspaper sites, but I pull most of my reading material into Google Reader. I spend more time actively using this site than any other.
  4. Facebook – I’m getting back into Facebook as time goes on and I increasingly look to use social media tools to keep in touch with my non-techy friends. Most of them use Facebook so I can still be a geek while staying in touch with them.
  5. Delicious – as with Twitter, I often interact with delicious in irregular ways (usually via the Firefox extension). However, I use it multiple times every day, whether I’m adding to my 1,000+ bookmarks or pulling resources out of them. I use it to track media coverage, to compile my reading lists, to save resources… the list goes on.

Does this resonate with you? Which sites are you really, deeply, engaged with?

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8 Responses toWhich Sites Are You Deeply Engaged With?

  • I would say I’m maybe slightly above average in terms of engagement online. Here are the sites I have to visit everyday and when I can’t…well it’s like having run out of coffee: The news (you use Google Reader – very clever) I like to browse the papers I would have normally before global warming and read at leisure throughout the day. E-mail next. Then workopolis.com – I’m new in Canada and looking for work and am having an eye opening time of it for someone with 10 years in communications. My blog is next where I purge. I’m a member of a Yahoo Group on CSR and finally I check my e-mail again because there is a good chance 3-4 hours have passed. Whatever will I do when I do finally get a job?…guess that is the weekend taken care of.

  • With the exception of Google Reader (I use NewsGator as my RSS reader) I’m on the exact same soc networks. I’ve tried others, but they don’t hold my interest, either they are Twitter knock-offs or somehow overlap what I’m already doing on these.


  • Elena Y
    ago12 years

    It all comes down to what you mean by ‘deeply engaged’ if I think of the most useful sites to me it’s google, twitter, last.fm, bloglines and gmail. I isit these site, sure, but do I ‘deeply engage”?..

  • I did all of the above, plus I use StumbleUpon and Tumblr. StumbleUpon is not exactly a research tool, but it does give me new and interesting sites.

  • I would agree with all of the above sites, and add Google Analytics, (I check my blog stats every couple days! So sad.) FriendFeed and Delicious. I also wish I had more time for Flickr and Living Social Books.

  • my #1 is facebook. everyone seems to be so done on fb all the time. what i like about it is that all 950 of my “friends” are actively engaged in what I post. i feel its a more personal engagement of my time because i get feedback right away. i try to limit what I ask of people on their because i have insecurities that people are getting tired of my constant news feeds. Yet when i walk down the street and run into someone I havent spoken to since 1996, they immediately talk about one of my last notes and speak to me as if they have been talking to me all along. there are so many applications right now that my time cant be spent on all of them but I am being encouraged by my 2.0 community to utilize twitter more (especially when you started to engage me).

  • I agree as well. I just take a look at my shortcut bar and here is what I see… My Yahoo (for newspaper news), Google Reader (for blogs), Facebook, Twitter (including Tweetdeck, Tweetburner, and TweetLater), and our corporate wiki. I also spend too much time on Netflix managing my queue, not sure why.

  • I have to agree pretty much spot on, however I’d add an “i” in front of Google, as I use a lot of the stuff iGoogle has to offer.

    It would be interesting to know whether they felt you could “deeply engage” without visiting a site. For example, I rarely visit Twitter, as I use TwitterFox and Ping.FM to update and read it. My friends tell me I am never off facebook, but in practice, I only visit when something comes over on the facebook toolbar and catches my eye….how deeply engaging is that?