Twitter: Conversation Starter

The Halton Catholic District School Board stirred up controversy this week when it banned Phillip Pullman’s fantasy book "The Golden Compass" and two other books in the "His Dark Materials Trilogy."

According to a board statement, "Philip Pullman’s trilogy of atheistic ideology, carefully couched within the realm of fantasy for young readers, is in direct opposition to the mission statement and governing values of our board…"

The topic is dangerously close to provincial government territory so I won’t give my thoughts on it here. You can check out the mainstream media coverage on Google and form your own opinion.

However, the contentious theme led me to wonder what other people thought so I asked my Twitter friends:

My question to my Twitter friendsI was thrilled with the response. In a few minutes I had ten responses from people who generally live no-where near Toronto (though one or two do live in the area), have no connection to this yet still responded strongly to the story.

Responses to my Twitter question

Note: I responded to John Czwartacki‘s (CZ) first comment,  leading to his second post.My response to CZ

Set aside, for a moment, the specific situation, and look at what happened here.

This situation generally doesn’t affect these people. I gave them very little information on the issue, but instead asked them to read through a full article. They still responded.

As I mused recently, imagine the power of this for organizations. Imagine the feedback you could get on ideas, quickly and cheaply.

Anyone still think Twitter is pointless?

Dave Fleet
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