Will Pate Talks About PodCamp Toronto

Will PateWill Pate has been a technology entrepreneur and community builder since co-founding his first business, Infinity BBS, in elementary school.

Since then he has co-founded Raincity Studios, a Vancouver-based new media design, development and web marketing firm and has worked at Flock and on a project called Mazava.

He is currently the Community Evangelist at ConceptShare and co-host of tech news show CommandN.

Perhaps most importantly though, Will was the tenth person to register for PodCamp Toronto 2008!

I asked Will about his expectations for PodCamp Toronto, what he hopes to get out of it and who he’s looking forward to seeing at the event next month.

Is this your first PodCamp? If not, what other events have you been to?

Pate: Although I’m a veteran of BarCamps, this is my first PodCamp. I hope there is no terrible initiation

Why did you decide to register?

Pate: I heard good things about PodCamp last year, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. I’ve been co-hosting commandN for about a year now, and I’m bummed to say I haven’t met enough local folks making podcasts.

What do you hope to get out of the weekend?

Pate: Friends, some co-conspirators for future projects and folks I can recommend to people looking for their skills.

Which session are you most looking forward to?

Pate: An Example of a Session Title – Jay Moonah" – Haha!

Seriously though, I’ve been following the idea of the "social media release" so I’ll be looking forward to hearing Collin Douma flesh out the idea.

Is there a session that’s not on the list that you’d like to see? What it?

Pate: Perhaps I should rework my "Guerilla marketing for content producers" presentation that I gave at nextMEDIA. Folks seemed to like it, and I bet the audience could get something out of it.

Name one thing you’d recommend visitors to Toronto do while they’re in town for PodCamp

Pate: Go for a beer with the group after the sessions are over. Don’t miss some of the best conversations.

Thanks Will!

We’ll be posting a few of these interviews over the next little while. If you want to meet the folks interviewed and check out the sesions they’re excited about, then sign up for PodCamp Toronto!

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