Nine Inch Nails Continues To Shake-Up The Music Industry

Radiohead’s release of In Rainbows may have been a “one-off,” but Nine Inch Nails has gone and done it again. And again. And again.

nin Already this year, the band released their latest album, Ghosts, online in a variety of formats, invited fans to create visuals for the album and released another new song, Discipline, free on their website.

Now, ahead of the release of tickets for their upcoming tour, Nine Inch Nails has released another track, Echoplex, as a free download through music site iLike. You can listen to the track below.

Fans who were a little perturbed by the vocal-free Ghosts album, rest assured – these new tracks both include vocals, and in my humble opinion they’re awesome (I especially like Discipline). also reports that fans can expect a surprise on the band’s official site,, on May 5.

I don’t know how long Nine Inch Nails will continue to push music out like this, how commercially viable it is for them or if less established bands will ever be able to make it work, but one thing’s for sure – I love what they’re doing.

This is the kind of shake-up the music industry needs.

Update: The “surprise” posted today is Nine Inch Nails’ next album – the slip. Unlike Ghosts, this is a full album in the band’s usual style. The album is available for free in four formats:

  • High-quality MP3s
  • FLAC lossless
  • M4A Apple lossless
  • High definition WAVE 24/96

Another point to note: the band is using Bit Torrent to distribute the FLAC and Apple lossless files.

Dave Fleet
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