Orderit.ca Delivers Excellent Proactive Customer Service

Orderit.ca logo Orderit.ca is a Toronto-based food delivery service. The service lets you order food from a wide range of restaurants in the Toronto area and have the food delivered to your door. A food delivery aggregator, if you will.

Last Sunday, as Caralin and I were settling down for a quiet night in, we ordered a meal from their website. After well over an hour of waiting, the food arrived. I wasn’t happy about the wait but didn’t say anything to the driver about it as the company doesn’t have a guaranteed deliver time. I accepted the food, made a mental note of what happened and enjoyed the meal. Case closed and largely forgotten as far as I was concerned.

Yesterday however, I received a letter from a Customer Service Manager at Orderit.ca that floored me. I’ve excerpted part of the letter below.

Remember, this was completely unprompted. I didn’t say a word to the driver, I tipped well, and I didn’t submit any complaints to the company.

Here’s the letter. Emphasis is mine.

Dear Mr. Fleet,

We owe you an apology.

We know that when you order a meal for delivery from Orderit.ca, you are entitled to receive your meal within a reasonable period of time. This past Sunday evening we did not deliver that meal to you within a reasonable period of time and for that we are very sorry.


I have been in contact with the management at [restaurant] as well as our Logistics department to reduce the chances of this occurring in the future.

It isn’t our intention to provide excuses for your poor customer experience; however we do feel that the situation deserves a proper explanation, and an assurance that we have made some immediate modifications in order to ensure that this type of situation is not repeated.

As a small compensation for your inconvenience Sunday evening, we would like to offer you a credit of $5 on your next order in hopes that you will allow us to serve you again, in our usual timely manner.


We thank you for your understanding and look forward to serving you next time!



Customer Service Manager

I wonder if Orderit.ca’s excellent GPS tracking system helped them to identify the problem. As the IT Business article notes, “Orderit.ca draws a geo-fence around a 40-meter perimeter at each of the restaurants it services…” This allows them to see whether restaurants are preparing the food on time, or if drivers are late to pick the food up. It would also let them know that my meal took more than their one-hour target to reach my house.

Regardless of how they knew about my experience, well done to Orderit.ca. I’m thoroughly impressed. With one piece of proactive customer service they’ve erased any bad feelings I had about my experience and turned me into an ambassador for their company.

Dave Fleet
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