Jeremy Wright Joins Thornley Fallis/76design

Yesterday was an exciting day for us at Thornley Fallis/76design.

Yesterday we welcomed Jeremy Wright onto our team.

Jeremy Wright - the walking hashtag

Apparently hashtags have a gang...

For those of you who don’t know Jeremy, he was until fairly recently the CEO and co-founder of b5media, the well-known blog network. Since then he’s plied his trade as “digital hitman” at netmobs.

Jeremy is also a personal friend so I’m doubly excited about this move.

This paragraph in Jeremy’s post announcing his move caught my eye:

“Basically I wanted a job where I could be great, be part of a team, have real work/life balance (cause I’d be more inspired that way) and make a difference in the company and for our clients.”

Sounds like a good set of criteria to me, and I’m thrilled he decided that we meet those criteria.

This is the latest in a series of new rockstars to join our team over the last few months. Andrea, Ingrid, Shawn and Mike are already rockin’ the house; we’re excited to add another to the list.

We’ve already noticed a big increase in the number of completely inappropriate hashtags around here…

Dave Fleet
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